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Unity Assets by Stafeev



My name is Sergey Stafeev. I'm a programmer with over 5 years of experience. Good knowledge of Unity3D and C#. Experience in the gaming industry, developing online multiplayer 3D shooters for PC and Web platforms.



I would like to present to you my developments for the Unity AssetStore.



Free Fly Camera


It emulates control of the Scene editor camera in Play mode (in-game screen).

It is very convenient for quick scene adding and to use it for transition in it while staying in play mode. Load the asset and just drag the script “FreeFlyCamera.cs” to the main camera – ready to use.

You can change parameters of rotation rate, movement, increase of transition speed, acceleration.
You can activate/deactivate the rotation, transition, acceleration of movement speed.



Line Path Tracing


In play mode it allows visually display the trace line of object movement.

Just place script "LinePathTracing.cs" on the object the path of which you would like to trace, set up the required parameters. Select one of presets of drawing quality or put your own parameters. The path is drawn by lines which consume the minimal amount of PC resources.





If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send them to my email: sergeystafeyev@gmail.com